Friday, July 20, 2007

About Us!

Hello Everyone!

Jake and I are counting down the days til the new addition to our family is here, Jaxen Jacob... October 13! Everything is going well with the pregnancy except the fact that im sitting here doing a 3 hour glucose test at the doctors office! yuck! We'll know on monday if i have gestational diabetes or not! Im not too worried about it! Jaxen is a very hyper active little boy, he loves moving around and kicking! We are so curious to see what hes like when he comes! I am currently working for Jakes dad running errands for a few hours a day down in orem until Jaxen comes... then i get to stay at home and take care of him, im so excited! Jake works for Diamond Peak Construction, He is the supervisor over the willow springs condos they are building in eagle mountain! He works very hard and is constantly busy! Jake will start back to UVSC in the fall, we are hoping he'll graduate by next summer! Then he will apply to medical schools and we will be moving the summer of 2008!