Saturday, September 13, 2008

August-Florida Trip

I have way more pictures coming, Sorry they are all out of order but im not going to take the time to arrange them! : D
Jaxen and Corbyn Wrestling
They started this all on their own!
Tyra Ashton Rylee Cayden and Addison they found a crab!
This was the sand castle mainly jake and my dad built but every one helped a little bit! they did most all the carving! I think it took them 6 hours!
So dont ask! we are so wierd there was a stream of water and then a sand bar on the other side so me bianca and brooke decided to try and jump over it, and yes bianca fell every time

Bianca running around with her goggles on

Cayden teaching
Rylee teaching her lesson

Addison and Baylees birthday party

Baylee teaching
Addison teaching
Addison and her gumball lesson
Amy helping tyra
Tyra- On Sunday each kid gave a lesson, it was so cute seeing all of them trying to teach and do little activities that go along with their lessons!

Addison and Corbyn!
Jake and the kids playing hot potato with a football
Alex and Rylee (alex is Brookes Fiance! he proposed there on the beach)

Addison, Jake, and Tyra being silly

Amy had ear infections the whole time so brooke did an ear candle on her
Corbyn, Addison, Cayden
As you can tell everyone had a tiring day at the beach!!! (Eric and Ashton)
Amy and Addison
This was our trip to Panama city beach Florida! There was 21 of us, we stayed in a beach house right on the beach it was tons of fun! Tyson was the only one unable to go but it was nice to have everyone together we havent been on a family vacation all together since Rylee was born!

This was Jaxen playing with his favorite bear. He loved playing with the boxes as we were moving. We moved from eagle mountain to orem (we live with jakes parents) until Jake gets into medical school which we should find out where in the fall of 2009! YAY! He is hoping to get into Texas Tech which is in Lubbock.