Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas time 2010

You may want to start from the bottom up of this post because i did it backwards!

Jaxen and Grampa playing Batman trios...they are best buds!
I have tons of pictures but i dont want to upload them but christmas morning Jake insisted on waking me and jaxen up at 7.15 to open presents....are you nuts? haha! it was fine though jaxen was so excited and we all got spoiled santa and both sides of parents!

After the short program was over we went home and opened jammies, set out cookies for santa, talked about Jesus and read a story! then it was off to bed for Jaxen he was super excited because we let him sleep in our bed that night so he didnt wake up and run into the living room before us!
Jaxen and Grama
Rylee Jake and Cayden listening to brad play the guitar
Jaxen and Grampa
Eric loves emmy so whenever we see him shes always passed out in his lap
Me and Sexy husband!
this was the christmas party at my parents house, we always eat our traditional mexican food and pies and cookies for dessert!
Me addison and sadie
Jaxen loving Sadie he loves babies and loves to make her laugh
Me Cayden Ashton and Collins
Rylee Baylee Brooke Addison Grams Gramps and Mom
Jake and Sadie
This was christmas eve my whole family went to mimis for breakfast that morning, which was delicious, then went to see megamind and home to get ready for the christmas eve party!
Me, Jaxen, and Emmy
hes getting so big
Me and sadie, shes such a cutie she just smiles all the time and never cries!
These are some of the grandkids being silly
This is Jaxen and Sadie(adams daughter,they are in town for the holidays) we went for a long walk and got home and they were both passed out
This is Jaxen and his puppy emmy! we vowed to never get a dog but since jaxen giving a baby brother or sister hasnt happened we got jaxen a puppy. shes the best dog ever shes such a cuddler and potty trained super fast! when she has to go potty she just sits right next to the door!

I finally have a brand new computer and internet so i can start blogging again yay! we had such fun christmas this year Jaxen is at the best age right now I love it, we have so much fun together!