Friday, March 25, 2011

just some random pictures off my phone(thats why quality is awful)

I took the boys for a picnic at the park and corbyn was trying to do all these things with his fingers and it just so happend he was doing that when i got the picture.....he is definitely tysons son, thats for sure! haha!
This was when we had that week of major snow all the kids went tubing down the hills, it was a blast the kids were in heaven.
This is only the best burger and fries youll ever eat in your life... MOOYAHS !! This is one of our favorite places to go, even the boss mentioned how often we come there (thats pretty sad) haha. Its Jaxen and my dads favorite place to go together!
Blueberry Pancakes.....the best!
in the summer when jaxen had to be on the nebulizer! not fun
I love me some homemade wheat bread!
Once again this looks awful in the picture but its Meatball subs( Homemade wheat french bread, the Sauce i made from fresh tomatoes, and my homemade was sooooo good) Yes I was in the kitchen making these for 2 hours but well worth it, they were delicious. jake was in heaven.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jaxens First soccer practice

being silly
What a cutie
He kept trying to do mean faces
Sweet boy

I totally forgot to take pictures at the actual practice, but i will definitely be taking some at the first game! Jaxen was so excited, they were hillarious to watch. Im excited to see the first game, april 2nd.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well havent blogged about us in a while our lives have been so consumed with selling the house and getting the other one. Today, was so fun it was just me and jaxen all day (jake had to work early) first we walked to the dollar store and got some candy for the movie, then we walked to the library and read books for a while and today they were doing a movie day at the library so we got to see how to train your dragon, then we walked to mcdonalds(yuck but jax insisted he loves to play there) to play on the playground and walked to target and walked home, we were gone for like 6 hours it was so nice to be outside and having fun. i love spending time with Jaxen his so cute and says the funniest things. the other day we were at on the border with my family and jaxen was sitting with my dad and my dad says jaxen your shoes are so cool can you buy me some...and he goes "sorry grampa im saving all my money for my mission" haha hes getting so big i cant believe hes going to be 4 this year. He loves going to the park, playing with his cousins, loves his puppy, emmy, hes so rough with her but they are best buds. He loves his dad for sure they always have fun together. He always talks about his baby brother/sister thats up in heaven and wants them to come down here to be with him, it breaks my heart every time he says stuff about it, he wants a brother or sister so bad. Hes the most spoiled kid ever he gets so much attention its ridiculous! We love him soooo much! These are just random pictures i took on my phone(i havent been good about taking pictures lately)

It may look gross but its the most heavenly Philly cheese steak on homeade french bread youll ever eat! (i showed my brother the picture and he told me it looked like a pile of sh** on a plate haha)
Jaxen thought he was so funny for putting his shirt on like this he kept laughing and laughing
Me and Jaxen went on a date and bikes to braums to get burgers and ice cream...mmmm we love braums!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

More pictures of the house

Heres more pictures of the house, My camera was taking really weird pictures because for some reason i put it in the refrigerator(dont ask...i must be losing it haha) so it kept foggin up because it was freezing cold! Im so excited for when i can repaint and decorate! (I say repaint because i dont like white trim and the color of the walls is okay but i have something else in mind..especially for all the bedrooms and media room)(jake wants the media room painted black or something super dark...well see) i cant wait to see this place all cleaned up and finished

The kitchen
back door
the study
Babys room...if we ever have another one haha
by the stairs...i cant wait to get a huge chandelier for the front entry
The backyard! not as big as ours now but its good enough! the concrete pad is nice and big we eventually are going to do a covered patio and build a bbq area and get nice patio furniture!
Theater room, it was actually pitch black in here, i dont know what the deal is but this picture makes it look tiny(it looks like a closet haha) its not its really good sized
Guest room
Jaxens room
part of the bathroom
Jake trying to irritate me, he thinks hes putting a tv above the fireplace.....sorry jake i love you but thats why we got you a house that has a theater room :)
Laundry room! I couldnt get the whole thing in the picture, its actually pretty big, all the these pictures make everything look smaller
The counter tops
The kitchen
The kitchen
The Fire place! I love it!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

jaxens 2 year old pictures

I just came across jaxens two year old pictures.... i cant believe how fast the time goes! I cant believe my baby is going to be 4!( Jaxen looks so old in these for a 2 year old haha)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

More pictures of the house!

The outside they finished the stone and brick and painting, they just need to do the lights, stain the columns, put in our landscaping etc.
my camera shut off during this picture it looks really wierd but this is the upstairs game room, the open door is where the theater room is, and that lil hallway is another bedroom and bathroom that where jake wants to have the guest room.
This is the bedroom jaxen chose
front entry view from upstairs, the door way in the down stairs is the study they havent put the doors on yet, and where jake is walking out is the 4th bedroom which will be the playroom until we have another baby.
Kitchen, im in such heaven I love it! i cant wait till the counter tops are on!
This is the master closet, this picture makes it look small but its literally half the size of our bedroom its huge!
down stairs living room
kitchen and dining area
The outside....they havent stained the columns in the front yet