Saturday, June 18, 2011

Randoms of the past month!

Jake and Jaxens father son campout was rained out so we took Jaxen out for a fun day! We went bowling went to walmart and bought some treats and rented the justin bieber and jaxen love justin bieber. After that we went to eat at one of our favorite places, mooyahs! Once we got home we had to set up jaxens toy story tent in the front room and turned on the movie and ate our treats! half way through the movie we noticed the whole outside was orange and there was a giant rainbow so jaxen had to call everyone!

This was so funny, we looked outside and everything was orange and there was a giant rainbow and Jaxen had to go outside and call everyone he knew, i love how he put on jakes flip flops.

We went to Hawaiian Falls with 2 of my sisters and their kids, the kids had a blast! This was memorial day and afterwards went to my moms house for homeade banana nut ice cream a riggs family favorite....its the best!

I love this picture!

Jake was telling Jaxen a story, i didnt get a very good picture but just thought the 3 of them looked cute!

This is my Birthday dinner at BABES! Its one of my favorite Restaurants! I love homecooked southern food, Fried chicken biscuits gravy mashed potatoes creamed corn....the works! haha

Corbyn doesnt wake up for anything haha! he literally arrived like this and left like this, he never woke up!

Our Family

This is the whole family(except for jake and eric...working) at El Fenix! One of my new favorite mexican restaurants! My Dad got us all tickets to go to see the broadway show..billy elliot (its his favorite show my parents have seen it about 20 times, they go to new york a few times a year and see it a few times each time they are there haha!) We saw it when we went to new york back in January, its just as good the 2nd time i love it! the dancing is unbelievable! Thank you to my neice rylee(addison and Baylee too) for watching Jaxen, so i could go!

The waiter couldnt take a very good picture so in one my dad is cut out and the other one my mom is cut out!

Us Riggs Girls! not the greatest picture but at least we got one haha!