Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break with the Abneys!

Chris, Jaxen, and Jake playing the XBOX
Jaxen playing outside with us whenever the long board would hit the curb jaxen would let out a fake laugh and just thought it was hillarious

Jaxen loves Chris' longboard

Our trip to the Zoo with Chris and Hayley, we had so much fun, Jaxen loved it

Jaxen eating his first corn dog! He loved it and ate it in about 2 minutes

This giraffe was so funny it was sitting there eating then all the sudden he bent his head down really close to us and just stared at us!

Our family in befor going to see the giraffes

Jake has an obsession with penguins

Me and Jax! He was so mad I wouldnt let him look at the zebra, as you can tell by the look on his face

Jake and Jaxen walking around

Our cute boy he looks like a lil model

Jaxen on Jakes shoulders, never lasted very long he just wanted to run everywhere he loves the zoo!

Jaxen couldnt get enough of this elephant it kept making noises and he couldnt figure out where they were coming from

Jaxen and Hayley, theyve become best buds

He just doesnt like to smile for the camera anymore he does wierd faces and says cheese

Jaxen and his daddy

Jaxen was looking at all the ducks

This weekend was so much fun! we went and stayed with our friends chris and hayley for a few days! Its been really fun hanging out with them lately they are so good with Jaxen and love playing with him! On Friday we went to the zoo, Jaxen just couldnt get over those animals he just had to run everywhere. I think his favorite was the baby orangutang, the baby was putting on this huge show just swinging all over the place, jax was so excited about it! after the zoo we just hung out the rest of the weekend! Jake, Chris, and Jaxen loved the XBOX! Jaxen would just sit on the couch with the remote and played most the time the guys would play! Jaxen also loved their long boards hed just sit on them and ride around!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Pictures

Jaxen always grabs the toilet paper, rips it, and puts it in the toilet! he looks so huge now its wierd how fast time has gone! O yeah........... 3 more sundays and Jaxen is in nursery! YAY!
Jaxen on his new potty! We are starting the potty training early so hopefully by the time hes 2 he can be potty trained!

Its hard to tell in this picture but jaxen fell off the stairs outside and scraped his face

Valentines day

I told Jaxen to smile and this is what he did