Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big boy

not that anyone really cares but we finally got rid of Jaxens binki, i had been procrastinating because i thought it would be miserable, so I cut the tip off and told him it was broken. He didnt even care hes slept great since we got rid of it! haha I never would have thought!

Jaxen has been doing great with potty training he loves his underwear and doesnt like to take it off, he has little boxer briefs and they are the cutest things ever. he had one accident today right after dinner because i didnt get him to the bathroom fast enough! Im so proud of him!

Newport Beach

The McCuistion girls
Grama Grampa Ashley and Jaxen

Me n Jake at Pams favorite restaraunt....Rubys

Jaxen just being cute

he loves his Aunt Kenzie

Ashley she just looks hillarious i love this picture

That kiss face he loves to do

He loves jumping in the water

Jaxen thought it was so funny that he was going to the bathroom with a towel on he just kept laughing about it saying towel

Cousin Allie

Jaxen eating his PBJ

on the Beach

Big lips

This was Jaxens face he did alot on this trip

Having fun at Cheesecake Factory

My birthday at Cheesecake Factory

Jaxen and Daddy

Jaxen kissing a goat

Jaxen looking like he got hit by lightning

Cousin Ashley

Jaxen and Aunt Kate

Jaxen saying "teo" taylor

This was our family trip to Newport beach with Jakes Family. We had so much fun, the kids loved playing in the sand and running into the ocean(and running away from it) I took around 300 pictures so i tried to just put in the cuter ones so sorry there are just a ton of pictures! Sorry about all the space between pictures, i dont know whats wrong with it, the last few times i have blogged i have had this issue!