Saturday, December 26, 2009

our trip to utah!

parker, ashley, taylor, brady, allie, jaxen, and aubrie
the newest addition the mccuistion family... parker, aubrie, and brady

me and jake at outback... i was going to put the rest of my outback pictures on here but my brothers in law are flipping me off in all of them! haha!

We went on a sleigh ride and ate donuts and hot chocolate afterwards!
Jake had to work christmas day and it was our year to be in utah.. so jakes parents flew us out two weeks before christmas and we had a blast. there was something planned for every night we were there and we got completely spoiled. it was so nice to see everyone it felt like it had been forever since we had seen them and we had never met our two nephews, parker and brady. all those new babies were so cute and so good they never cried! sorry there arent more pictures but most of them are on my camera still. im so ticked off because my most favorite pictures of sledding at soldier somehow got deleted off my computer.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We havent had internet!!!! Jaxens 2 year old preview

Well we havent had internet for the past month and its been killing me! My sister has all the pictures from Jaxens birthday halloween etc. So i will do a bigger update later! My cousin marissa has her own photography business (Boo Photography) and did these of Jaxens for his 2nd birthday!! She is amazing, so if anyone needs pictures done she does everything and ill give you her number! This is just a preview of his photo shoot i get the rest this week... im so excited to see them!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Since we've been in TX.....

my whole family got tickets to the stars game so we all went and had a great time
tyson amy and corbyn, not the best picture of tyson but he was flipping me off in the other one.

Grama and Grampa holding corbyn and jaxen at the game. they loved it. there was a huge fight it went on for probably 5 mins and Jaxen said tama i fight on the wii? haha he loves boxing on the wii so when he saw them fighting he wanted in on the action

cute boy

Jake and Jaxen

Me and Jaxen before the Stars game

Jaxen has been loving to cook with me lately, its so cute. he likes to pour all the ingredients in the bowl for me.

Corbyn and Jaxen napping by each other

I had to make this for Jakes birthday

Jakes favorite Chicago style pizza that I make!

Me and Bianca did girls night out... Fashion Event at Neiman Marcus, they had Fashion shows every hour and was catered by california pizza kitchen, maggianos, and the most amazing mexican place but i forgot the name. Thanks Jake for letting me go out it was so fun.

this is the juicy stroller they had that i want so bad along with the juicy binkis, baby shoes, bibs, etc. I about had a heart attack when i was looking through the kids section of neimans.

womens fashion show i have more pictures but im too lazy to put all of them on

fashion show

fashion show

All these pictures are jumbled from the game.... do you see Jake and my dad on the jumbo tron?

I got Jake these BYU tickets for his birthday with the help of Jakes dad they got front row seats! Jake was in heaven!! It was at the new cowboys stadium which they say is just amazing!

Mandy and Matt came into town for the byu game so we went to lunch down in dallas at campisis,(the best italian pizza ever) then did a lil shopping in highland park at GRI and as we were on our way home they said STOP... we have to go to Sprinkles and get Jaxen a cupcake. they spoil him to death. PS. Sprinkles has the best cupcakes!!

Jake and my Dad realizing they are on camera

Ryan Jake My dad Matt and Uncle Dennis

The Group (thanks mandy for taking pictures) before the BYU game

we went on a date with my parents to the villages at allen, they have this play area for kids with a maze. On saturday nights they have live entertainment (which was actually really good they sounded like the fray) then we ate at mooyah burger for dinner. It was very tastey and a very fun night.

Mom Dad and Jaxen at the concert

Scooter ride

Jaxen had movie night with my dad, tyra also spent the night, and he had to be cuddling with tyra in order to go to sleep it was soo cute!

This was right before we went to a party at Gary Riggs Interiors

It just doesnt get much cuter than these 3 pictures they are my favorite

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quick Update!

Hello! It has been forever since i have blogged. Sorry im not posting pictures, this computer is just taking way too long.
So heres our update of the last two and half weeks. August 14th Jake graduated UVU with his bachelors... yay we are so proud of you! Jake was suprised with a new ipod and a GPS. He was very excited! Jakes plans are to go to medical school next year, he wants to be a surgeon.
On August 17th we started our (moving) Journey to Texas. We packed everything up in a uhaul and headed out it took us 26 hours and I was driving our car with Jaxen. Jaxen did so good... he never really cried he just snacked, watched barney and mickey mouse, and we would sing songs for hours. We are currently living with my parents until Jake has been working for a few months so we can save to get our own place!! YAY! (its been a year since weve had our place) Jake plans to take the MCAT again in January and apply for med school beginning of may. Until then me and Jaxen will be hanging out and Jake is going to work for the hospital.

Monday, July 6, 2009

our little model! hes been smiling in pictures now and i just love it!
my baby is only 1 and he looks like a 4 year in this picture

i love his curly hair

4th of july fireworks! we were with jakes family, it was fun we had a neighborhood barbeque and afterwards everyone brings fireworks and you do them in the church parking lot!

the first few fireworks scared him a lil bit

4th of july! yes jaxen does wear clothes it seems everytime i have the camera out hes in underwear.

its a blurry picture but i love when he does that grin

he just looks like the cutest little nerd

Our little swimmer!

Jaxen jumping in his underwear

Jaxen loving life in his underwear