Friday, January 4, 2008

This Christmas we were at Jakes Familys house! On Christmas eve we started out the day with a big breakfast and hung out around the house for awhile til we went to see National Treasure 2! Jaxen did so well he loved watching that big screen! When we came back we opened our pajamas and took some family pictures, then ate french bread turkey sandwiches! after we put Jaxen to bed we played a few games of dominoes and watched a few episodes of friends then went to sleep! We woke up and went up stairs to open presents! We got tons of movies and games (thats all we like to do especially in the winter)! My best gift from jake was... He re-set my grama Davis' yellow diamond, its gorgeous! For breakfast we had waffles with apples and cream(Jakes Favorite) then watched the cleanflix version of bad boys 2! We jus hung out at the house all day, for dinner we had prime rib and pasta! Then we went home! that weekend we watched the oceans 11 trilogy! for new years Me and jake played games from 830 to 11pm then went to bed (sorry staying up til midnight to watch my clock turn from 11;59 to 12 jus doesnt excite me anymore :) thats about it for our holidays!