Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 2008

Jaxen and Mommy looking at the horses! Jaxen loves horses he freaks out and wants to touch it whenever he sees one (pretty much any animal he does that)
Jaxen on his first pony ride! He loved it, so he did it twice!
Jaxen by himself hes getting so big
Us with a goat
Jaxen and a cowboy hat

Jaxen riding all by himself
He loved the goats he kept trying to stick his index finger in there to touch them! it was so cute!

Jaxen doing something wierd
Me and Jake on our anniversary! We went to the American Idol concert (p.s. one of the best ive been to) then i suprised Jake with a hotel and I got work off for him the next day (he was very excited about that) that morning we ate breakfast in our room, Hiked to the Timp Cave, went and saw Get Smart, went to dinner, and came home to Jaxen! It was all a suprise to Jake! We had a blast but we missed Jaxen sooooo much! Thanks to Kristin for watching him all night!
Jaxen has been falling asleep sitting up lately!