Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Jaxen has pooed and peed in the potty these past two days! YAY Jaxen! of course he still goes in his diaper too but hes doing so well, Im so proud of him. We pribe him with the candy jar it works great, after hes done he immediately says '' NANDY, NANDY''

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Weekend lots of pictures

Jaxen loves this balloon it has a string attatched to the end and he just goes nuts

Jaxen and Grama McCuistion

Jaxen eating a peep he spit it out right after he put it in his mouth I guess hes like his mom im not a fan

Jax looking for eggs
He would open every single egg after he found one and got so excited saying ''Nandy, Nandy''

Jaxen and his new sidewalk chalk
Jax and Allie loved the chalk, allie just had the basket it came in and carried it everywhere like a purse so cute
Jax pushin allie in the jeep they are best buds! Jaxen loves his cousins and gets so excited when they come over
Jaxen, Allie, Ashley, and Katelyn
Jax playing with the ball
Jax throwing the ball! I always put all these pictures in backwards
Another one of his favorite things to do is hang on the basketball hoop
Jax and Allie
Best Friends

Easter before Church
I know i have my eyes closed but jax looks so cute
sweet boy

JAx in his new easter outfit

Easter morning
cheese ball
my favorite picture

Night before easter we frosted cookies and dyed eggs! as you can tell jaxen loved this part!

licking the frosting

Jaxen Playing with his basketball

He looks so much like Jake in this picture!! So cute!

Jax chewing on the ball pump
Jaxen showing us his new shoes. He was really excited to put this on he would walk around then stop and say '' shoes'' and lift up his pants
dont know what hes doing he likes to make wierd faces
he loves when his daddy lifts him up to the hoop especially to hang on it he thinks its so funny!
Jaxen just hanging