Saturday, December 26, 2009

our trip to utah!

parker, ashley, taylor, brady, allie, jaxen, and aubrie
the newest addition the mccuistion family... parker, aubrie, and brady

me and jake at outback... i was going to put the rest of my outback pictures on here but my brothers in law are flipping me off in all of them! haha!

We went on a sleigh ride and ate donuts and hot chocolate afterwards!
Jake had to work christmas day and it was our year to be in utah.. so jakes parents flew us out two weeks before christmas and we had a blast. there was something planned for every night we were there and we got completely spoiled. it was so nice to see everyone it felt like it had been forever since we had seen them and we had never met our two nephews, parker and brady. all those new babies were so cute and so good they never cried! sorry there arent more pictures but most of them are on my camera still. im so ticked off because my most favorite pictures of sledding at soldier somehow got deleted off my computer.