Thursday, February 24, 2011

The new house (hopefully)

These are just some pictures i took with my phone last weekend of the house. We love it soo much its our dream house! We just need to sell the the house we are in and we are good to go!

This is the view from the upstairs game room. it looks down into the living room
This is in the living room, the far corner will be the kitchen, back where jaxen is will be the den, where jake is standing is the Pantry, it goes underneath the stair case so its big!(which im excited about. the door way just in front of jake is where the laundry room is.
This is the outside, never been a huge fan of the garage in front of the house but we loved the floor plan so much....i think it turned out to be cute, especially when its all done, im going to be in heaven!
Jaxen is so excited about the new house he talks about it all the time!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend with The Robins

Kristin dusty allie aubrie and avie came into town for about 6 days, we had soooo much fun. It was nice to see them and just hang out. jake was able to take off work so we were able to do lots of fun stuff! this is jaxen allie and aubrie in the bath on the first night they came in!
They loved the four wheelers!
Thank you grama mccuistion for the cupcakes, We made them with jaxen and allie. it was funny because before we made them jake and dusty said oh we dont want any dont worry about it... next thing you know they both ate 3 each and dusty woke up the next morning and said if you think i didnt eat 2 cupcakes for breakfast you're wrong.. haha and then he ate two more for lunch! needless to say they got eaten!
Are you kidding me?how cute are these pictures! i cant even stand it. This is when we went to the fortworth stockyards, its a lil cowboy town! we ate at risckys bbq for lunch jake and dusty got all you can eat ribs for only 10 bucks and kristin and i got brisket sandwiches! HEAVEN! i love me some barbeque! we just walked around, the kids loved the old fashioned candy store you walk in and its just barrels and barrels of all sorts of candy.
they are just so cute
us at the stockyards train station, i love this place
jaxen petting the baby goats
feeding goats
jaxen kept making all these wierd faces
allie feeding goats
okay this is aubrie. shes my new best friend, i just want to squeeze her. everytime i pulled out my camera and said aubrie she gave me this face, i took a million pictures of it! shes so cute, we were little cuddle buddies she liked it when id hold her when she was tired.
jax climbing the fence
kristin and aubrie...i moved while taking the picture so its blurry!
allie, so cute!
Baby Avie! so cute and small
my boys! after the stockyards we took the kids home and put them to bed and me and kris went to braums and bought different ice creams for milkshakes they were heavenly, yes we each ate half a carton of ice cream.
This was on our way to the zoo, we took the train(called the dart rail) the kids just ate the whole way there.

theres that cute little face again
me and my buddies
jaxen being batman
jake and a penguin
best friends
theres the face
Leaving the zoo and on our way to cheesecake factory! we were so starving we ended up leaving after an hour and a half of being there. I honestly dont think the kids cared much though. the robins left the next day and we were definitely sad to see them go, but we are already planning their next trip out here next summer!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Selling the House

Hello! We are selling our house for 105,000 its in allen, very cute place, we love it! its on a quarter nice and big. very safe neighborhood, and friendly neighbors! some new things weve done to it... New carpet, Paint, Garage door and opener, Siding, outside Paint, new AC condenser unit, new Furnace, newly insulated attic, etc. Tell Everyone :)