Friday, March 14, 2008

The Weekend! March 9, 2008

Jaxen and Cousin Allie Cuddling on the bean bag
Jaxen sitting up
He loves playing with his toys

Jaxen loves drinking his juice out of a sippy cup its so cute!

Jaxen and Allie
Arent they so cute
Theyre going to be best friends
Jaxen, Allie, and Aunt Katelyn

Jaxen was so happy, He loves when you sing "Im so glad when daddy comes home", he laughs or gets a huge smile every time
Jaxen pulling down a mirror at his dads house! Everyone made him put his dads BYU helmet and some goggles, it was hillarious!
Jaxen eating a graham cracker, he loves food!
Me and Jaxen

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jaxen at 4 Months

Jaxen is now 4 months he went and got his shots and now weighs 21 pounds (99 percentile) and 27 1/4 inches long (97th Percentile)! Hes a big boy and so much fun! hes trying to crawl but his head weighs alot so sometimes he just lays his head on the floor and kicks his legs really hard! Jaxen smiling at Aunt Kasey
Jaxen and Grampa McCuistion
The McCuistion Grandkids (Taylor, Allie, Ashley, and Jaxen)
This was Valentines day! We went to Good wood with our Friends Kristin and Dusty, Jed and Ashley! It was so fun!
Jaxen playing with his friend Anabelle (he keeps trying to take her toys)
Jaxen loves his lil puppy
He thinks his daddy is so funny
Hes a happy boy
Jaxen and Grampa McCuistion

Me and Jaxen chillin on the couch

Jaxens Blessing weekend

This was a fun weekend, My mom and Dad flew in for the Blessing so we got hang out with them, Adam and Steph, and my cousin mandy. Jake did such a good job blessing Jaxen, after sacrament meeting we went back to our house and had cinnamon rolls and egg casseroles. Yum!
Allie, Jaxen, and My cousin Britas son, Callan

The Morning of Jaxens Blessing Feb.3
Jaxen and his aunt Kasey at his blessing luncheon, we have no pictures of him in his blessing tux, when we got home from church Jake changed him into his Spiderman Jammies. Hehe.

Jaxen wearing his daddys baseball cap
Jaxen and his 2nd cousin Mandy Miller at Goodwood for lunch

Jaxen laughing at his daddy
Jaxen thought his grampa was being so funny

Grampa Riggs and Jaxen

Jaxen smiling like he always does

Grama Riggs and Jaxen

New Pictures

Heres some new pictures! Jaxen is 3 months old in these! Yes i do have footy pajamas! That is Jaxen eating bananas he loves baby food!!! Hes a Chunk!