Friday, June 27, 2008

Pics of Jaxen

Jaxen just being cute Jaxen and Cousin Allie swimming
Jaxen and Allie taking a bath
Jaxen loves to eat the bubbles
They were so exhausted after the bath they both crashed in my bed

Jaxen and Collins in the tub together when we were in texas, that trip jaxen had 2 blow outs all over biancas carpet! Sorry!
Us at the BYU football scrimage
Me and Jaxen when we went to his aunt beccas to go swimming
Jaxen had conjunctivitis, it was so sad, Pretty much all at the same time he had 2 teeth coming in, fevers to 103, ear infections in both ears, then brochilitis, which he had to do breathing treatments for! Poor lil guy!