Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just some cute things Jaxen has been doing lately

  • One of Jaxens favorite things to do is play the WII with Jake. He sits right next to jake and stares at the TV waving the wii remote. Whenever we go downtstairs he goes straight to the playroom, turns the tv on, grabs the wii controller and waves it at the tv. Its the funniest thing Ive ever seen. I have no clue how he learned to turn the tv on but he gets really excited when he does it
  • Jaxen loves to brush his teeth! When we are upstairs he walks straight in the bathroom opens the top drawer, grabs his toothbrush and his toothpaste(he uses a kids kind he can swallow) and even though the lid is on he tries to put the toothpaste on the toothbrush (even though he cant) and sticks his toothbrush in his mouth to brush his teeth.
  • Its been really fun to see how fast jaxen catches on to things. he gets really excited when you talk to him about certain things, like "do you wanna go for a scooter ride?" or play with the WII, or brush your teeth, or anything about Dogs. The other day i was tickling his hand and i said jaxen tickle mommies hand and he did it right away.
  • He does well with sign language, he knows grama, grampa, please, thank you, food, more, and blow kisses. and when you ask him for a hug he lays his head on you. hes so sweet.

Ok, thats enough for now its 1130pm and im tired!

Jaxens first birthday weekend

Us at Jaxens 2nd birthday celebration
Jaxen eating his cake
Jaxen playing catch with his daddy

Jaxen outside seagull book
Jaxen and Grama
This is Jaxens at Breakfast, I made his eggs, hashbrowns, and Strawberry Banana Pancakes.
We took Jaxen to Wendys for his birthday lunch

Jaxen eating his cake
Who knows what hes doing
Jaxen taking his bath in the sink after eating his cake, he was so messy
Adam and Jax
Our lil family

Jaxen was being so funny he kept trying to put his shoes on, he thought it was so funny Jaxen was putting his shoes on
Grama Jaxen and Grampa Riggs

This is Jaxens birthday weekend! My mom and dad flew into town for the week and we did a party on saturday for him at adams house. Then we had a party on tuesday 14th (his real birthday) His theme was sports so i made him a football cake and made sweet chili which i put in a football crockpot, and made football sandwiches(mom helped with the saturday food) he got very spoiled by everyone. It was lots of fun, Jaxen just has the funniest personality!

A day at the park with cousins

This was us at the park with my mom, Brita and her kids met us here also. Jaxen loves the park. Sorry I didnt keep adding pictures of our florida vacation, i decided we have over 1000 pictures and there is now way i was about to go through those!
Jaxen and Callen playing in wood chips
Landon and Taylor
Me and my cousin Brita
Jaxen swinging i was making him laugh really hard

Me n Jax
Jaxen found dogs and he loves dogs
Jaxen walking around
Jaxen and his grama Riggs
Jaxen in the swing! he could swing all day long he cries when you take him out!