Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its been a while

Wow its been a long time. The pictures I posted were just of few of december. I would have been here all day if I posted christmas pictures! We went to texas for 9 days and had a blast for christmas. Since then Jake has started up school again 21 credits plus an MCAT class at nights. plus he has 3 callings in our ward one of which is young mens. and Thursdays he does ward Basketball. So no, me and Jaxen never see Jake unless its a friday and some saturdays(his mcat class is some saturdays). As for me and Jaxen we just hang out at the house all day and I watch Allie (my niece) twice a week. Jaxen has been so funny lately hes starting to get pretty good at talking. Hes a kid who definitely knows what he wants. He loves to swim in Jakes parents spa, and the bath tub, he loves playing with balls and his t ball set. He gets really excited when his cousins come over to play he just yells their name as loud as he can and starts dancing around. He loves when music is on so he can dance around. Im so excited for when Jaxen can have a brother or sister to play with (we've been trying for a year in February) I think he gets tired of playing with me all the time. haha.

Random Pictures

Jaxen in his new true religion jeans my dad got him for christmas
Jaxen looking at the fish at cabelas

Me and Jaxen
Jaxen picking his nose.
Rylee, Addison, Jaxen, Cayden, Corbyn, Collins, Ashton, Baylee, and Tyra on Christmas eve
Corbyn and Jaxen playing at my parents house (this was christmas eve)
Jaxen walking around my parents house with his new backpack

Jaxen tryin to shovel snow

hes pushin ashley around in the jeep (they cant figure out the pedal yet)

Jaxen did not want ashley on his 4 wheeler
Jaxen ashley and taylor
it snowed about a foot that day

Jaxen playin in the snow
Us before we went to olive garden with Jakes family

Jaxen in his lil pea coat. Hes such a stud