Monday, January 31, 2011


I finally got my Dyson vacuum! Im so obsessed with it, i highly recommend getting one they get you floors so clean! yes they are pricey but extremely worth it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New York January 2010!

This is our trip to new york with my parents, warren and Janene, Jeff and Abbey! We had a blast and saw everything! I took a lot of pictures but im sorry uploading these takes forever so i only put a few on here! some of my pictures are a little jumbled around too
We took one of those two hour cruises and this is where the twin towers used to be
this is the empire state building

Me and my parents went off shopping on 5th avenue while everyone else went to borders because they dont care for shopping....this was the display at i want to say bergdorfs but we walked by so many i cant remember! i LOVE this dress and told my dad if i was going to the golden globes thats what i would have worn! love it!
This was on top of the rock...the green light in the background is the empire state building
This was in our Limo me abbey and Jake
Warren dad mom jeff and Janene in the limo
Statue of liberty on our cruise
Us in times square
janene warren dad mom and jake
us on the subway
outside the Met
Us in the hotel drinking hot chocolate
Jake being a brat he hates how many pictures i take! My dad has a driver in new york because he goes so often so this is us being picked up from the airport and on our way to the hotel we stayed in the hampton on broadway (super nice, i recommend it)
Us in the Washington D.C. airport waiting for our flight
this is a few days later...dont ask me why im wearing short sleeves when it was literally 22 degrees?
Jake and Jaxen! so cute
Me and Jaxen... after the huge snow we walked with Jaxen to the park
Jaxens puppy emmy! He loves her so much she looks big in this picture but shes extremely tiny, shes even doubled in size since we got her
I cant believe how big he is getting

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New York here we come !!!

Jake and I leave for new york saturday morning. YAY! we are so excited...we have never been! we are going with my parents and the ludlows its going to be a blast! my sister bianca is nice enough to let jaxen and emmy stay with her while were gone! thanks B

Monday, January 10, 2011


It was our first snow day yesterday, when Jaxen saw it snowing he goes... Oh my gosh this snow makes me so excited. these pictures are the beginning of the snow but we ended up getting 4-6 inches i think! the snow flakes were huge and beautiful!

He kept trying to throw snow balls at me and jake and they kept getting stuck to his gloves it was funny
hes getting sooo big i cant believe how old hes looking these days!
he loved riding his four wheeler around in it! he kept trying to go up hills and kept getting stuck!
This is at my sisters house we went horse back riding while adam and stephanie and sadie were in town!
addison was taking jaxen for a ride
For christmas my dad took us all to the salon to get our hair done it was so fun, we were there for like 7 hours i think! i loved every second of it, its so fun getting pampered! Im so annoyed how butt white i am though, i said that to my hair dresser and he was like just go to my palm beach tan across the street i have a 140 bucks you can use! haha! hes so nice but i turned it down! i wish i could fake bake again but then i see old people that have done it alot and their skin is leathery and i definitely dont want that! Im soooo mad we forgot to take a group picture afterwards so i guess youll never know how all the hair cuts turned out!
This is Brooke she now has burgandy ish purple red hair...she can pull it off!
Me Mom and Dad
Amy and thats our hairdresser warren...i just love him
Stephanie...she got blonde and red highlights
Mom...this is before they started but they just did highlights
Me under the blower thing!
Again i am ghost white and look awful but i had to post this picture because i cant get over how cute jaxen looks!
Jaxen Jake and Adam. this was at my gramas house, its a tradition to go to my grama joyces house for funnel cakes on new years day morning! its soooo delicious, we love it! thank you grams and gramps

Saturday, January 1, 2011

another update

As most of you know Jake and I have been trying to have another baby for just about 3 years now. Back in October we decided to make a decision... do we keep trying and do invitro fertilization? or do we start the adoption process? If anyone has struggled to get pregnant then you know it is a huge emotional rollercoaster. especially with all the pills and testing holy cow it is not fun, haha. After lots of talking, thinking, and praying we decided to start the adoption process (HOORAY!) they say to put yourself out there and let people know you are adopting so hopefully it will shorten your waiting time of finding your baby. We are so excited and cant wait for the next addition to our family! I feel so silly being like hey if you know someone thats putting their baby up for adoption tell them about us .... or seeing someone and saying hey can i have your baby! hahaha obviously you dont say it like that but it just sounds silly! anyways if anyone hears of a girl looking to place their baby with a family just keep us in mind!