Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter stuff

Owen came over to play...these two were hillarious, they played batman all day long. i went into my room and they had stripped into their underwear and said they needed to go swimming, so i let them run in the freezing sprinklers!

Partners in crime...corbyn came to play and it got really quiet and all the sudden i hear Jaxen say corbyn go scare my mom....i cant because she will get mad at me (inside im dying laughing) so i went to find them and they were hiding underneath the table coloring all over their bodies with markers... and Jaxen somehow managed to find a permanent marker and color all over emmy(his dog)
Tyson took Jaxen for a ride on his motorcycle
Jaxen after he got his easter package from his grama and grampa mccuisiton, Jaxen is obsessed with batman right now and they gave him a batman shirt and underwear and he literally started screaming when he saw it it was hillarious! he asks to wear them everyday. unfortunately i refuse to do laundry everyday
Jaxen and Owen in their Batman shirts! (it wasnt even planned)
okay he has a pink basket bc i forgot his so hes using olivias haha
cute boy
Jaxen and his friends
They thought it was hillarious to chase him around the park
Jake and Jaxen thought it would be funny to color all over Jaxens face to make it look scary
Jaxen showing grampa whats inside his eggs

Everyone chatting while the kids swim
Jake threw Jaxen in the pool
Corbyn had to have a scary face too!
first thing he said when he woke up was did the easter bunny come?
looking for eggs
looking for eggs under the couch haha


Dustin, Kristin, Allie, Aubrie and Avie said...

So cute. I miss you guys!

Joel and Brittany said...

Cute pictures. Sounds like a fun easter! Man- Jaxen is a funny kid! Cannot wait to see him again... it's been over 2 years I think!