Sunday, April 10, 2011


Jaxen is great at swimming now its so nice because you can just sit and watch now...hes fearless, does all sorts of tricks of the ledge and can swim from one side of the pool to the other(the long ways) i love that i dont have to worry about drowning haha!

Me and Jaxen
He looks like hes sky diving!
Cannon ball
Jaxen Diving, i cut him off but still thought it was cool
Jaxen doing his tricks!
Jaxen thought it would be funny to throw Emmy in the water
Emmy swimming
Jaxen was dying laughing because he was pushing all the girls in the water
Baylee Tyra Addison
forgot to rotate the picture but Jaxen thought this was hilarious. (Cant believe Jake got in the water)
This was last night, we had a big day yesterday...Jaxen had a soccer game then we went to mooyahs with Grampa, then he went to Gramas house so theycould swim..(way to cold for me) and he swam for 5 hours! Then we went to Golden Coral with Tyson and Amy(Jake and Tyson were dying to go....Ive never seen Jake so happy haha) and then we took Jaxen to the park for a bit and came home and he passed out with Emmy. too cute
This was the last 10 minutes of General Conference, I was cuddling with Jaxen but had to get up and take a picture one because it was soo cute and two because i had to document Jaxen actually taking a nap, its been like two years since Jaxen has fallen asleep during the day. it didnt last long though i woke him up shortly after because it was 5pm and wanted him to go to sleep at 7pm


Joel and Brittany said...

Such a little boy...pushing the girls in the water. So cute! Man - I miss swimming in April. We need some warm weather this way.

Doug and Becca said...

K first, i can't believe you are swimming there. And second, LOVE the picture of Jake,Jaxen and Emmy sleeping.

Dustin, Kristin, Allie, Aubrie and Avie said...

So cute...dusty and i died laughed of jaxen and all of his tricks into the water..Also we love the first pic of the two of you ...he is just like his Dad they love the boobies :)

Francisca said...

I'm amazed by your son's swimming talents!!!!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Oh my goodness, Paris! Jaxen has gotten so big! I don't think I've seen your family since you guys came and visited Beckam at Rindi & Joe's in Orem when he was a newborn. My goodness, he is darling! Look at how fearless he is in that water! I bet it's so nice knowing he can swim safely now. Love the pics! You look so great!